3 Life-Changing Bhagavad Gita Verses for Peaceful Life

The Bhagavad Gita is well-recognized as both a philosophy and a religious teaching. Still, few people realize its capacity to provide advice on living a worthwhile life and cultivating a positive mental state.  Therefore, if you find yourself anxious and anxious over matters ...


How is Chanting Practiced Across Different Cultures Around The World?

Sacred sounds are an age-old way to spiritually connect to something greater, transcending our everyday consciousness. These may be words, hymns, music, or any other form of sound found in many religious traditions, Tantric and Yogic philosophies, and classical music, as they help to shape and bu...


Ultimate Guide to Mantra Meditation: Definition, Benefits, How to do and More

Mantra meditation is one of the most popular (and underrated) forms of meditation. Though it shares some similarities with other types of meditation, it has a unique flavor that makes it worth learning about.   This article will explore the definition of mantra meditation, its ...


The Power of Mindset: How to Choose Your Thoughts Wisely?

Our thoughts are the foundation for our actions and have a powerful impact on our lives. The quality of our thoughts determines the type of actions we take. Positive thoughts result in powerful benevolent actions. In contrast, negative thoughts lead to ineffectual or sorrowful results. That’s t...


Power of Gratitude: How to Practice Gratitude for Happiness in Life?

  When we face hard times and failures, it’s normal to feel depressed and drained. Negative thoughts creep in, and it’s hard to find positives. But what if one simple feeling or practice can make us see the light at the end of a dark tunnel? We are talking about gratitude, w...


Yoga for PCOD: Healing, Asanas, Benefits and Exercises for PCOD

Ovaries are the essential female organs. They are responsible for several processes that maintain female health. This is the organ through which several female hormones like relaxin, oestrogen, inhibin and progesterone are produced.    Sometimes an inhibition or irregu...


What is Super Brain Yoga? How to Do, Benefits, Tips & More

  Super Brain Yoga is a beneficial exercise to improve mental health. It doesn’t involve any complicated body twists and turns but follows a few simple steps to energize and activate brain cells.    It may sound like a new yoga regime, but it is an ancient ...


The Best 7 Types Of Meditation: Their Meaning and Practice

You're probably familiar with the basics of meditation, even if you've never tried it before. The idea is to find a quiet place to sit or recline, close your eyes, and focus on your breath. As you inhale, you focus on the sensation of the air passing through your nose and lungs. As you exhale...


Pratyahara Yoga: Experience the Divine of Silence (Meaning, Definition, Sutras, Types and Benefits)

Yoga is the pathway to knowing your inner self. People may confuse yoga with some physical exercise which it truly is not. It is not a very particular term, but it has many different aspects. The goal is to increase your focus while consciously ignoring the external stimulus. The best way to ...


Five Things To Do Before 2022 Ends!

Now’s the time to pause before putting down roots in January—if you haven't already. You don't need to spend New Year's Eve stressing about what resolutions are left to be made; instead, use it as a chance to consider where you've been this year and how far you've come. Maybe take some ti...



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