Benefits of Panchagavya Diya (A True Indian Celebration)

Subham karoti kalyanam arogyam dhana sampadah, shatru buddhi vinashaya dipa jyotir namostute. Deepajothi parabrahma deepajyothi janardhana, deepo me hara to paapam deepaa jyothir namostute Lighting a Panchagavya Diya with indigenous cow ghee has been practiced in India for cen...


What is Digital Dementia? How Our Children and We Are Destroying Our Minds?

Do you remember your best friend’s phone number? Or even directions to your favorite cafe? Because odds are you can just search for it using Google Maps.  Technology has significantly altered how we search for, store, and retain information. While electronic devices have become an es...


8 Avatars & Names of Ashta Lakshmi (With Meaning, Story & Significance)

What are the 8 forms of lakshmi? What are the names of ashta lakshmi in Hinduism?   The Goddess Lakshmi is known as the Goddess of prosperity and wealth. These two things lay at the fundamental of everyone’s lives. But only a few people know that Lakshmi shows her grace i...


5 Main Types of Sleep Disorders in Adults (With Symptoms, Causes, Treatment)

Like water, sleep is among the top necessities of the human body. If it gets hampered or there is a lack of proper sleep, it directly impacts the overall health physically and mentally. This generally happens because of several types of sleep disorders in adults.  The disorders a...


Yoga for Endometriosis & Pelvic Pain Relief: 5 Effective Yoga Asanas

Our body undergoes many necessary and sometimes unwanted changes throughout life. Endometriosis is one of these unwanted changes that can occur in female bodies. One in ten females suffers from this problem. According to WHO, endometriosis is a gynec disorder affecting as many as 190 millio...


3 Effective Alcohol Reduction Tips to Make Drinking Less Messy

Never again will I touch alcohol! I will reduce alcohol consumption from now onwards! These phrases have been uttered so many times before. It could be after just one too many drinks last night. Or this realization could come when you woke up and saw that the hangover has taken a toll on your...


What is Hatha Yoga? Benefits, Spiritual Importance, Principles

In Hindu Sanskriti, yoga is a fusion of all human energies. Even in simplest terms, asanas or yoga poses are just a small part of the term yoga. There are eight forms of yoga, and out of these, hatha yoga is considered the most difficult.  The yogis that succeed in the difficu...


Navratri Fasting Food List: 5 Delicious & Easy Upwas Food Recipes

Navratri is that time of the year when goddess Durga's idols are adorned with bangles, flowers, and jeweled attire. It fills up the space with an aroma of pure desi ghee dishes and other food made from milk fat like paneer— all manner of tasty treats.  In this post, we have shared a ...


12 Safest Prenatal Yoga Poses for Pregnant Women (Trimester-Wise)

Becoming a mother is the most special thing in every woman’s life. The female body undergoes many changes during this term of life. Preparing the body and mind for these experiences is a tough task.  Prenatal yoga is a planned yoga format that includes all asana that ensures pr...


What is Manifestation? Meaning, Benefits, Examples, Techniques, How to Manifest?

Our mind is the main programming center of our body. Our thoughts deeply affect our lives, and it transforms the way we live. The concept and meaning of manifestation say that our thoughts can turn into reality. There is multiple theoretical manifestation definitions. Although the sit...



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