Which yoga asanas are the best for thyroid?

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Post by vanitayog, Thursday, February 16, 2023 - 12:43

Here Some Asanas for Thyroid

  • Viparita Karni

  • Sarvangasana

  • Ushtrasana

  • Halasana

  • Setu Bandhasana

  • Matsyasana

  • Dhanurasana

  • Bhujangasana

It's necessary to note that it's best to consult a doctor or a yoga therapist/Teacher before beginning any new exercise to perform the postures correctly and not injure yourself.

I can recommend the Oldest yoga institute-Kaivalyadhama have expert yoga professionals to guide you from the beginning to cure your problems.


Yoga as a self-healing mechanism

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Post by vanitayog, Tuesday, February 14, 2023 - 17:06


Yoga as a self-healing mechanism:

Yoga is regarded by many theorists as a self-healing mechanism. For many health-related syndromes, there are different types of yogas that can heal these syndromes.

Kaivalyadhama- Oldest Yoga Institute encourages and facilitates the effective practice of traditional Yoga for physical, emotional, and spiritual, well-being and healing. The various healing mechanisms through yoga for different pathological conditions affecting human beings are

• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

• Computer Vision Syndrome

• Insomnia

• Common Cold



Features and Principles of Yoga’s healing system


Post by vanitayog, Tuesday, February 14, 2023 - 17:03

Features and Principles of Yoga’s healing system

India’s most premium yoga institute, the Kaivalyadhama, has invented the ‘Slow Breathing Technique’ module for treating patients of lifestyle-induced diseases and disorders to Heal With Yoga. Here are the features and Principles of Yoga’s healing system

  • Yoga is considered an analysis of perception and cognition

  • Yoga raises and expands the conscious level of man

  • Yoga is the path to omniscience

  • Yoga is a technique for entering into other bodies, generating multiple bodies, and the means to attain other supernatural accomplishments


Does Yoga decrease stress hormones?

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Post by vanitayog, Tuesday, February 14, 2023 - 17:00


Definitely, yoga Heals when coupled with meditation and will help to reduce stress and anxiety

It improves the acceptance level of your mind towards diverse situations. It gives strength to face circumstances with an open heart and a clear mindset. It gives courage to give well thought and balanced replies to different issues instead of impulsive and aggressive reactions. It improves mental strength which helps overcome issues like stress, anxiety, depression, and a lot more.


It secretes positive chemicals to keep our mind going and active in all the situations of life in a way that leads to healthy physical levels too...and a person who regularly practices yoga can experience these changes for sure and can Heal with yoga.


Stress can be effectively managed in many different ways. Kaivalyadhama scheduled a workshop on  “Stress Management with Yoga Therapy” In this workshop, we can learn how we can manage our stress by applying Yoga therapy.  Health experts have confirmed that yoga has relieved people of stress to a great extent. Yoga helps to build strength and utilize energy at the right channel during a crisis or periods of extreme stress.



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Post by raviyogaseeker, Saturday, February 11, 2023 - 12:17

What About of yoga can you explain sir ?



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